Dr John Philbins

Coach John Philbins has been a professional performance specialist for 35 years. He has received recognition by the NSCA with "Emeritus" status RSCC*E. Philbins is also the president of the National Strength Professionals Association, and for the past 10 years, he has been serving the NSCA Maryland State Board.

Here are some of the coach John Philbinss:

  • He has been serving as the Director of Sports Performance and Rehabilitation D-BAT Gaithersburg.

  • Has trained the Yankees, the Nationals, and the Padres for 10 years.

  • Has been a part of the Washington Redskins for 8 years.

  • He has been the Director of Physical Training for Olympic Sports for 4 years.

  • Has been the Olympic Head and Coach or the Director of Physical Training and Sports Science.

  • Owner and CEO of 3 largest Athletic Performance Centers in the Mid-Atlantic region for 6 years.

  • He has been the Director of Physical Training and Nutrition 12 HBO World Championships for 2 years.

  • Has been a part of the Maryland Athletic Department.

Coach Philbins has been the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Washington Nationals Baseball Organisation for 7 years. His main aim was to coordinate the major and minor league's conditioning, nutritional and supplement programs. In addition, John Philbinss has worked with several professional and Olympic athletes. It has helped him get some cutting-edge and creative conditioning methods, ensuring success for his teams and preventing injuries.

He also had the special opportunity of organizing an annual conference known as "Baseball injury and Peak Performance." The conference was held at Nationals Park. The motive of the conference was to connect science and hands-on application. It was presented by industry leaders, which attracted more than 500 medical health and fitness professionals.

Coach Philbinss had been the Speed and Agility coach for the Washington Redskins for 8 years. He had worked under Dan Riley and was appointed as an assistant when the Redskins were the winner of the Super Bowl. He also founded 3 performance-based organizations, known as Philbin's Athletic Training Centers (PATC). The centers were unique and trained young athletes in every sport. AFFA recognized it as one of the most successful training centers in the country.

Coach Philbins is also an industry leader and educator. He founded the "Nationals Strength Professionals Association" and has helped train several athletic and professional trainers around the world. He has conducted several workshops across 22 countries and has written 3 best-selling books (Human Kinetics Publishers). He is also the author of several articles based on athletic speed, agility, and power development. In addition, he is a teacher of "The Science of Strength and Conditioning the Athlete" at the University of Maryland's Kinesiology Department. It helped him stay updated on his field and improve his knowledge and skills.

He spent 4 years as a conditioning coach under Frank Costello at the University of Maryland. He has worked with Skeets Nehemiah, Adrian Branch, and the legendary Lenny Bias. After 2 months of training the English National Rugby Team, he worked with several World Championship boxers for years. Some of them were Lenox Lewis, Mike Tyson, Fernando Vargas, and others. Some of the popular sprinters that Coach Philbins has trained are Hershel Walker (an NFL legend), Darrel Green, and Willie Gault. He has also worked with Edwin Moses, a gold medalist at the Olympics.

Coach Philbins was a former All-American in Track and Field athlete and a member of the USA One Olympic Bobsled Team. Apart from this, he was the football team captain at Frostburg State College. He also made his place in the FSU Athletic Hall of Fame in 1994. He is awarded several certificates and affiliations and is also a professional Olympic and powerlifter.

To know more about Coach John Philbins and his baseball and other sporting accolades, visit Loot Mogul.

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