Ickey woods

Born on February 28, 1966, Elbert L. Woods, better known as Ickey Woods, is a retired American football player. Ickey Woods was in the UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) when he played college football. One of the reasons people loved him as much as they did was that every time he scored a touchdown, he did an end-zone dance known as the “Ickey Shuffle.” Most notably, Woods played as a fullback for the NFL (National Football League) team Cincinnati Bengals between 1988 and 1991. When Ickey Woods was with the Bengals, he set the rookie records for 15 touchdowns and 5.3 yards per carry.

The Women's Football Alliance’s team, Cincinnati Grizzlies, has been coached by Ickey Woods for a long time. One of the players in this team was Elbert’s ex-wife, Chandra Baldwin-Woods. In addition, Elbert Woods runs Jovante Woods Foundation (named after their son, who died at 16 due to a fatal asthma attack at home) and the Woods Youth Foundation. This foundation provides education and funding for organ donor education and asthma research. His son was an honors student and played football at Princeton High School.

After Elbert or Ickey Woods retired from the NFL, he worked in a meat company as their sales representative, sold security systems, and has even owned a flooring store in Cincinnati. He also worked as the assistant coach for the National Indoor Football League team Cincinnati Marshals in 2006.

His “Ickey Shuffle” became such a hit that he did the dance in the Cincinnati Bell commercial with the company president and also performed it in the National Oldsmobile commercial with his mother. He reprised this dance in the GEICO insurance commercial and appeared in a few commercials before the Super Bowl XLIX as well. Moreover, this dance has been duplicated by several NFL players over the years. But one of his most significant achievements was being inducted into the UNLV Hall Of Fame in 1988.

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