Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson is a basketball player from Frederick, Maryland. Now retired professionally, he is the founder and owner of Pat The Roc Basketball Skills Academy. Pat dedicates his success to his mother, who he played the horse's game with, and often lost.

Robinson played basketball in the parks and rec (recreation) centers in his elementary school days, which helped him develop and nurture his skills. Pat used to play in a team of older kids, including his elder brother Reggie. That meant they both engaged in several one-on-ones in their backyard, preparing for the season.

While attending the Patuxent High School, Patrick Robinson had a basketball career with excellent 3-pointer sharpshooting skills. Patrick was always the smallest kid on the court and averaged only about 9 points per game. However, he got the acceptance letter from the University of Cincinnati in July 2001. With his red, white, and blue basketball, Patrick was known as "the kid with the basketball." An older gentleman once gave him advice with just 3 simple words that changed his life. These words were: Anything Is Possible.

At 19, Robinson was selected by the Harlem Globetrotters in 2003. In the same year, he was also scouted by the 'And1 Mixtape tour' and traveled the globe under the nickname "Pat The Roc".

One of Patrick's career highlights was being the first basketball player to be endorsed by Under Armour in 2008 and other deals from brands like Sports Authority, SLAM Magazine, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Finish Line. As a non-NBA player, he was even the face of millions of Gatorade bottles in the stores. He also partnered up with "Macy's" to launch a children's book called "Mr. A.I.P. Taking It To The Hoops".

Now, Robinson trains some of the top players from the NBA teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Sacramento Kings, Washington Wizards, etc., and some college players from Duke, Notre Dame, Memphis, Maryland, Indiana, Georgetown, etc. By changing their lives for the better, his legacy is now being spread by these players who are a testament to the phrase "Anything Is Possible".

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