Deborah Sawaf

Deborah Sawaf is a fashion designer and consultant from Los Angeles, California. With their first RTW (ready-to-wear) and the revered luxury handbag collection called “statements,” Deborah Sawaf and Thale Blanc are truly creating fashion statements in Fall 2020.

Deborah Sawaf is an Indian-Italian trained from the Fashion Institute Of Design & Merchandising, California. Deborah has been quite open about her pro-woman stance and working hard in that direction. She has a great eye for attention to detail when it comes to hardware, shapes, embroidery, and fabrics, and it shows in every single piece of clothing designed by her. The perfection she has can be attested to her work history with some of the most prominent names in the fashion industry, like Gianfranco Ferre, Valentino, and Roberto Cavalli. Studying at the Gemological Institute Of America further perfected her attention to detail.

Sawaf is an elegant, talented and intelligent fashion designer, and it shows in her Fall 2020 collection, which exudes glamor, power, confidence, and a slight edge. Thale Blanc came out with the handbags, and RTW, carefully designed and crafted for women looking to make a statement on a casual outing or a formal office meeting.

Living in the Middle East, India, Italy, and now the United States, Deborah Sawaf has honed her fashion designing skills that show in her glamorous Audrey bags (inspired by the celebrated actress Audrey Hepburn), jumpsuits, wrap skirts, dramatic coats, floor-length dresses, fringed tops, and more RTW clothing.

Deborah never took her privilege for granted and has been a constant mentor and supporter of women’s rights. She has also been constantly involved in women’s business and economic conferences from the Middle East to the United States Of America.

Coming to her personal life, Deborah Sawaf is an ardent mother to 3. Her husband is not only her partner in life but also her business and has helped Deborah take the company to greater heights.

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