Troy Brazell

Troy Brazell is a former basketball player who played for the college team of the University of Utah under coach Rick Majerus from 1992 to 1994. Even though the sports facilities nowadays are better than they were in his basketball days, Troy Brazell has some delightful memories which helped him in his future ventures. Almost all sporting alumni still have great love and admiration for the program in their university, and some end up working with it even after their playing days are over.

Brazell graduated with a Bachelor of Administration, majoring in Telecommunication, Film and TV Production, from the University of Utah in 1994. After graduation, Troy worked in market research for some massive multinational companies like Disney, IBM, American Express, Boeing, Levi’s, Pfizer, and so many more. But the sporting franchises were not quite ready to implement the sports analytics. Finally, however, after the death of Korey Stringer, the NFL team Dallas Cowboys came forward as the first one to approach the company Brazell worked for. They wanted to see if the dehydration could be predicted by sports analytics.

Now, Troy Brazell and the Optima Sports Group, a sports analytics company owned by Brazell, work with several college and professional teams of NCAA, NBA, NFL, etc., on sports analytics. Although he and his company have been quite active with the University of Utah football team, they haven’t been able to work with the basketball program he previously played for. But he and several of his former teammates have expressed the desire to be more active with their former team in any shape or form.

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